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We’ve been in the finance business for decades—long enough to know the power of partnership.

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Wholesale Underwritting

As a wholesaler, TMAC underwrites and funds loans from mortgage brokers. We offer that unique—and needed balance—of flexibility based on the specifics of your client’s situation, trust in you as a partner and our ability to see past the numbers to each individual case. Importantly, we work with you to navigate decisions based on individual facts, not formulas. When you make the call to TMAC, you’re working directly with the team members making the decisions. No run around, no “taking it upstairs.” That translates to a business partner you can trust—and rely on.

If you’re interested in working together and having TMAC underwrite loans for your team, reach out.

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Direct to the Decision-Maker

Getting the run around while you’re moving forward with a client’s financing is frustrating. Expect the exact opposite with TMAC. It’s our commitment.

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Correspondent Lending

TMAC buys closed loans from other trusted lenders, pools them together, and issues a Ginnie Mae security. We’re a respected, well-capitalized secondary market purchaser of reverse mortgages and a Ginnie Mae issuer of mortgage backed securities (“MBS”); based on our current volume, we’re the sixth largest issuer in the country. We’ve earned that position through good pricing, personalized service, fast intake, as well as a clear and sensible loan review process.

As a Ginnie Mae approved MBS issuer, TMAC purchases funded reverse mortgages from many of the top reverse mortgage lenders in the United States. A wholly owned government corporation within the Department of Housing and Urban Development, Ginnie Mae guarantees the timely payment of principal and interest payments on MBS. After purchasing the closed (funded) reverse mortgages, TMAC issues securities collateralized by “pools” of similar loans. As part of the process, TMAC plays an indirect role in creating more financing options for seniors (often at lower financing costs) who want increased liquidity that can be gained by tapping the equity they’ve accrued in their homes.

We work with our partners to make this process of bundling or pooling mortgages straightforward and easy—allowing the mortgage company to return to their core business of working with homeowners to finance and close home loans.

If you’re interested in exploring how to partner with TMAC as a correspondent seller, reach out—we’re ready to talk.

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We believe in relationships

We’re here to help

At TMAC, we rely on the judgment of our experienced team—not on formulas—to guide our decisions.
We also believe in relationships and the value of working with teams we trust.

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